About us

AG is a 2TM division that operates exclusively for the Chinese market.
We have identified AG Skupina into a separate immigration consultancy company, since working with Chinese customers is of high importance and priority for us. The Chinese market is new for our company, but we are assertive and confident in the properly chosen business strategy.
Our goal is to provide quality services on business immigration for Chinese citizens who are eager to move to Slovenia in order to develop business in Europe and gain access to the European markets, European goods, European standard of living, clean and safe environment, as well as food products of highest quality.
Our consultants’ task is to assist our clients in company registration in Slovenia, provide them with the business services required to operate a company in Slovenia, assist in obtaining a residence permit in the European Union for our clients and their family members, help with the enrolment of children to school.
We speak Chinese and our specialist Ping Su is always ready to help you.
2TM Immigration consultants operate in the markets of Ukraine, Russia, Europe, USA, Australia, India and Bangladesh. We have offices in Slovenia, Ukraine and Russia. More than 20 professionals are currently working in the Company. However, just for China, we are developing a separate company and a separate web page, because we see great potential in a cooperation between China and Slovenia.
We publish news showing the ever-growing mutually beneficial collaboration of Chinese and Slovenian companies in the “News” and “Cooperation of Slovenian and Chinese Companies” sections.