Business Immigration to Bulgaria


Opening a company’s Trade Representative Office and Residence Permit for a Company Representative:

– Cost of package: €2,300.


What’s included:

– Writing a business plan for the representative office operation.

– Preparing documents to register a sales representation.

– Preparing documents for the company’s representative.

– Opening a bank account in Bulgaria.

– Registering a sales representation.

– Preparing and verifying the final package of applicant documents to obtain a residence permit.

– Controlling the applicant’s residence permit case proceedings in Bulgaria.


* The cost of services is indicated for one representative.

* Translation of documents is not included in the package.

* Payment of taxes is not included in the package.


Additional Services

Filling out a residence permit for an additional company representative

(up to 3 representatives in total)

Simultaneous registration of all applicants:

– second/third representative

Subsequent registration:

– second/third representative







Opening a bank account in Bulgaria €500
Filling out a residence permit for an additional family member*

– For an adult applicant.

– For a minor (under 18).

– Family package for one adult and two children.

* The family reunion procedure in Bulgaria can be initiated after obtaining a residence permit for the main applicant







School enrolment for a child in Bulgaria €100
Support at the government agencies including translation and interpretation services €50 per hour
Obtaining a residence permit for EU citizens and their families €250 per person
Certified translations of documents €25 per page
Legal address €350
Extension of residence permit €600


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