About us

AG Skupina has been founded in 2014 and specialises in immigration to Europe and education in Slovenia.

Business Immigration

AG Skupina offers a wide range of services regarding business immigration to EU countries for entrepreneurs with families.

AG Skupina helps foreign investors, highly qualified specialists, start-ups, freelancers and their families in a fast and easy way assess their goals and receive answers to all questions concerning their business and residence in Slovenia, Slovakia and other countries.

We offer full support regarding business registration, taxation, labour law, human resources, running a company, obtaining work permits, accounting services, obtaining and renewing a residence permit.

At AG Skupina, businessmen can get all the information they need about immigration services for a successful move to the European Union.

Education in Slovenia

As academic consultants in Slovenia, we have over 5 years of experience and provide professional support to students and parents from all over the world regarding the enrolment in educational institutions of Slovenia.

We will help you choose a study programme that best suits your student’s goals, interests and academic performance. We optimise the entire process of applying to the university up to receiving an admission decision. We assist in issuing a residence permit for the study purposes.

AG Skupina provides a full range of services regarding admission to educational institutions in Slovenia for a stable career and a successful future for your children.