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Blue Card EU

Council Directive 2009/50/EC on the conditions of entry and residence of third-country nationals for the purposes of highly qualified employment came into force in 2009. It offers special working and living conditions for non-EU citizens with a unique combination of education and professional experience. In 2021, the European Union amended the conditions for issuing a Blue Card in Europe aimed at simplifying the conditions for participation in the programme. It is assumed that the changes will come into force after the approval of the amendments made by the EU Council and the European Parliament.

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What Is a Blue Card?

The Blue Card is a privileged identity document that combines a work permit and a residence permit in the EU. Almost all EU countries participate in the agreement, except for Denmark and Ireland. Thanks to the Blue Card, highly qualified professionals can get a well-paid job in a country with a high standard of living. For people with unique experience and education, this is an affordable opportunity to secure their career growth and use their skills in the international market. Like a regular residence permit, this type of permit also gives the right to move freely between EU countries and the right to reside in other EU countries for up to 90 days in half a year.

Blue Card in Slovenia

Slovenia, like other EU countries, is an active participant of the EU Blue Card programme. Being an attractive country in terms of economic development as well as one of the safest and most environmentally friendly countries in the EU, every year Slovenia attracts an increasing number of foreigners with families. In 2021, Slovenia also updated the laws affecting the living conditions of foreigners in the country. For example, the period of reunion for family members of a foreigner was increased to 2 years of stay in the country. Thus, obtaining a Blue Card in Slovenia has become one of the options for an affordable way of family immigration for foreigners of potential interest to the country’s economy. A Blue Card in Slovenia provides not only the specialists themselves but also their family members with a privileged status and a number of obvious advantages. In fact, this makes it possible to quickly move to a green, environmentally friendly, and safe country for the whole family, providing a decent standard of living in an economically stable EU country with lower living costs compared to other European countries.

Specific Benefits of Obtaining a Blue Card in Slovenia

  1. Guaranteed salary above the competitive level.
  2. The first residence permit for 2 years.
  3. Immediate family reunion.
  4. Expedited procedure for obtaining a residence permit.
  5. Absence of language exams for obtaining a permanent residence permit.

Changes in the EU Blue Card Programme with the Approval of the 2021 Amendments

  1. The Blue Card will be issued both to employees and individual entrepreneurs.
  2. The minimum contract term will be reduced to 6 months (previously the contract had to be signed at least for 1 year).
  3. The specialist’s salary rate can equal the market average (previously, the coefficient was at least 1.5).
  4. The spouse of the Blue Card holder can get free access to the labour market.
  5. One year after moving and receiving the Blue Card, the specialist will have the right to change the country of residence within the EU.
  6. Amendments to the Blue Card programme will offer a privileged position for IT professionals in the European market. For example, the lack of a field-oriented diploma can be replaced with proven work experience for representatives of these areas.

After the adoption of the amendments, the EU gives 2 years to implement changes in the legal framework for each of the participating countries. This means that some interpretations can be changed in accordance with the requirements of each country individually.

Our Assistance

AG Skupina offers comprehensive assistance in obtaining a Blue Card not only for professionals but also for their families. We will help with drawing up an employment contract and justifying your candidacy for the Employment Service, assist in collecting and executing documents to receive a residence permit for all family members, support throughout all organizational procedures, and register children in schools. Thanks to our experience and direct presence in Slovenia, we undertake all organizational tasks.

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