Virtual Office and Business Address in Ljubljana

A virtual office is an effective solution for entrepreneurs who need a convenient legal address for their business (d.o.o., s.p.) with an optimal set of tools for receiving business correspondence.

Without unnecessary actions and approvals! Our virtual office is an ideal option for those who are faced with the problem of obtaining consent from private or commercial facility owners to conduct business. There is no need to obtain permits and approvals! All the necessary documents for registration or change of legal address are included in the service.

Reduced operational costs! The use of a virtual office makes it possible to reduce the cost of renting, cleaning, and maintaining a real office. No need to go to the post office or check the mailbox. Save time and money.

Conspicuous office building. It increases the image of your business and customer confidence in your services or products. We are located conveniently in the centre of Ljubljana at Dunajska cesta, 106.

Your business and private house are located separately. Receiving business correspondence at a location different from your home address helps to create a professional look for your company and does not clog your home mailbox.

Accessibility. The virtual office provides easy access to your work address, regardless of your real location. You can manage your work address and track your email wherever you are.


Our Virtual Office Service includes:

  • A business address for your company (d.o.o., s.p.) at an accessible location in Ljubljana.
  • Receipt and sorting of all your mail.
  • Receipt and registration of certified letters.
  • Prompt notification on the mail receipt.
  • Scanning and recording of correspondence received (without limitation).
  • Sending letter scans to your email.
  • Receipt of packages at post office.
  • Advice and assistance in registration/change of legal address.
  • Archiving of correspondence.
  • Personal online office with an archive of your correspondence with 24/7 access (surcharge +30 euros/year).


  • If paid for 1 month: 30€
  • If paid for 1 year: 25€/month
  • If paid for 2 years: 22€/month

Not subject to VAT


For more information on the Virtual Office service, please contact us by phone +386 69 944 678 or by e-mail