Immigration to Europe: why can a Slovenian residence permit be refused?

Even the simplest for immigration countries put forward a number of requirements for applicants for citizenship, residence permit and permanent residence status. Those who are studying the question of how to immigrate to Europe now are constantly attracted by Slovenia. A high standard of living, the opportunity to get a quality European education, an advantageous geographical location and relatively simple ways to obtain a residence permit become the determining factors when choosing this particular state.

However, the move to Slovenia may not take place: sometimes a residence permit may be denied. To understand what reasons may prevent immigration to Europe in 2023, you need to understand on what grounds you can apply for a Slovenian residence permit.

Grounds for obtaining a residence permit in Slovenia

When planning a move to Slovenia, you should choose the method of obtaining a residence permit that is right for you. The current legislation of Slovenia provides for the following grounds for obtaining a residence permit:

  • Getting an education. Enrollment in one of the educational institutions of Slovenia gives the right to obtain a residence permit. To do this, you must be enrolled in the chosen study program and receive a supporting document from the educational institution. The residence permit is issued for one year and is renewed when the student moves to the next course of study. Thanks to studying in Slovenia, family immigration to Europe is also possible: there is no age limit for students, and the spouse and minor children of a student can apply for a residence permit on the basis of family reunification.
  • Business immigration. Moving for the purpose of doing business or relocation of an existing business in the EU is rapidly gaining popularity. In order to obtain a residence permit in Slovenia along this path, it is necessary to open an LLC with an authorized capital of at least 7,500 euros. The basis for obtaining a residence permit will be the activity of the company: investment in its own business, hiring a local employee or a monthly turnover regulated by the state. To obtain the right to request a residence permit, it is enough to meet only one of the specified conditions.
  • Family reunification. Minor children, as well as the spouse of the applicant, are subject to reunification. If the reunification is carried out with a citizen of Slovenia or a migrant who already has the status of permanent residence in the country, the reunification takes place immediately. In other situations, reunification is possible after 2 years from the legal residence in Slovenia of the foreigner to whom the applicants are reunited.
  • Employment. The basis for obtaining a residence permit is an invitation from a Slovenian employer and a signed contract to work in the country.
  • EU Blue Card. The right to issue a Blue card in Slovenia is held by specialists with higher education and unique work experience. This program gives the right to issue a residence permit for a period of 2 years. Such specialists can also immediately reunite the family.

Please note that each of the grounds requires the preparation of its own package of documents and financial support. The list of documents also varies depending on whether you are renewing your status or applying for it for the first time. The timing of consideration of an application for a residence permit also directly depends on the grounds that you indicated in the application

Why can they refuse to issue a residence permit?

The state authorities of Slovenia may refuse the applicant due to non-compliance with any requirement for obtaining a residence permit, as well as the lack of certain documents. For example:

  • Lack of tuition fees and a document confirming the enrollment of the student
  • Lack of necessary financial security for student applicant or family reunification
  • Failure to comply with the deadlines for the provision of documents (including those with expired validity)
  • Providing fictitious documents or false information
  • Undocumented experience and / or qualifications of the applicant in case of obtaining the need to get consent from the Employment Service of Slovenia (employment)
  • Lack of active company activity in case of business immigration
  • Outstanding conviction
  • Failure to appear at the scheduled interview or its negative passage
  • Failure to pay state fees
  • Other reasons for which the referent did not receive a satisfactory answer

Applicants are informed about the refusal to issue a residence permit in writing and can challenge it within the period established by law.

In order to avoid problems with obtaining a residence permit in Slovenia, and also in order not to spoil your future relocation history when applying for the first residence permit, use professional support when preparing a package of documents. AG Skupina specialists will advise you on immigration programs, help you choose the right basis for obtaining a residence permit and fully support the procedure for the chosen way of moving.