Business Immigration to Slovenia

Today, the procedure of business immigration to Slovenia is easier than in many other EU countries. This way of immigration is intended for those who decided to start and develop their business in Europe.

To start your own business and immigrate to Slovenia, the following actions are required:

  1. Get a free consultation with our specialist.
  2. Decide upon the activities of your future company.
  3. Conclude an agreement for the provision of business services.
  4. Come to Slovenia and register a company.
    A standard practice for foreign founders is to register a limited liability company (Družba z omejeno odgovornostjo (d.o.o.)—in Slovenian). At the stage of company registration, all its founders are required to come to Slovenia and transfer the authorized capital in the amount of 7,500 euros to the account of their company. The timeframe for processing the entire package of documents takes 4–7 business days.
  5. Invest into the fixed assets of your company.
    According to the legislation of Slovenia, a foreign director is entitled to receive a Residence Permit in Slovenia after investing into the fixed assets of his/her own company. The minimum investment amount makes 50,000 euros, for which you can purchase equipment, vehicles, real estate—everything that you may need for the operation of your company.
  6. Receive a work and residence permit in Slovenia.
    You can submit documents and receive the first residence permit card in the Embassy of Slovenia according to the place of your residence.
  7. Come to Slovenia together with your family and start working.

The residence permit in Slovenia provides you and your family with the following rights:

  • Reside in Slovenia and develop business in Slovenia and the European Union.
  • Enjoy free qualified medical services in accordance with the compulsory health insurance.
  • Your children can go to public schools for free, as well as receive vocational and higher education qualifications in Slovenia.
  • Obtain the status of permanent residence after 5 years of residence in Slovenia, and the Slovenian citizenship after 10 years of residence.

Meanwhile, we will prepare and obtain all the necessary documents for you. At each stage, our Slovenian-speaking advisor will accompany you and assist in quick solving of any problems.

  • Get a free consultation
  • Enter into a contract
  • Register a legal entity
  • Invest into fixed assets of your company
  • Receive a residence permit
  • Come to Slovenia