A Guide to Ljubljana for Coffee Lovers

Being a surprisingly small country, Slovenia attracts visitors with fertile valleys and vineyard, evergreen forests and fairy-tale castles, snow-dusted peaks of the Julian Alps and crystalline lakes. All these beauties can be found on a tiny patch of land within a 100-by-150-mile area. Usually travellers need an hour or so to walk around Ljubljana—the tiny capital of Slovenia. People here are friendly and the atmosphere is charged with fabulous spirit. A line of riverside cafés in the very centre of Ljubljana makes this place even more homely. With the development of tourism infrastructure, the demand for specialty coffee has grown significantly. Here are some of the outstanding coffee spots in Ljubljana:

  • Cafe Čokl. The café is located at 8, Krek Square. It is ran by a self-taught barista and roaster Tine Čokl who stands for fair trade and environmental protection and works toward zero waste in the café.
  • Kavarna Moderna. The café is located right in the Museum of Modern Art and is famous for its local delicacy—walnut cakes with V60.
  • Stow Speciality Coffee, which is located in the City Museum of Ljubljana and serves single-origin coffees in a variety of extraction methods, along with some less commonly found products such as coffee flowers and cascara.
  • TOZD, at Gallusovo nabrežje 27 — a charming spot, which is part café, part bar, and part library.
  • Escobar. This magic café is located at Grilcev Grič 12, in Vrhnika (a small town about 10 miles out of the centre of Ljubljana). The owner of the roastery directly imports the majority of single-origin beans from farmers.

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