China Plans to Purchase the Airport of Maribor

China can purchase the Airport of Maribor. The sales negotiations are entering the home stretch. The project cost is estimated at about 6–7 million euros.

At that time, as the Chairman of the Board of the Delavska Hranilnica Company Jože Stegne states that the Aerodrome Maribor has been already sold to an anonymous buyer, the journalists of the Večer Newspaper find out the following information: the whole amount of the purchase making 6–7 million euros has not been paid out fully yet.

According to journalists, this anonymous buyer is a Chinese businessperson Chen Yinshen represented by a Chinese of Taiwanese origin David Pu. Yinshen is well known in Maribor after the story of a still uncompleted cell plant and as an investor of one of the leading European manufacturers of buses Tam Europe. David Pu is know in Maribor as the owner of the Vinag International Company, which provides brokerage services for selling food, alcoholic drinks and tobacco products.

In an interview with Večer, he noted that they were closely inspecting the Aerodrome Maribor, and together with Delavsko Hranilnico were agreeing upon the final details. The likely owner wants to establish flights between Maribor and China both in the passenger and the freight traffic segments. However, it is necessary to extend the runway for such purposes.

The Delavske Hranilnice shareholders appointed new supervisors, among which there are an economist and lawyer Franjo Shtiblar and banker Bogomir Kos. Jože Stegne also told shareholders that until 30 September, he planned to complete recapitalization, which the National Bank of Slovenia recommended to him.

According to the Večer Newspaper, a few weeks ago the Dutch co-owner of Vinmarja, Jan Harm Prins also visited the Airport of Maribor. For two years, Prins was holding a lease of the Vinag Company, which past bankruptcy, and also predicted its purchase. Now he terminated the lease contract. His trustee collects sell proposals with respect to an exemplary Maribor winemaker until mid-August. One of the possible purchase contenders is a wine cellar, which, being a part of Perutnine Ptuj and Slovenske industrije jekla, belongs to a wealthy Russian family of Zubitsky.