China Received the First Large Consignment of Slovenian Wines

China has recently received the first batch of selected fine wines of various Slovenian producers for total value of 200,000 euros.

Two ship containers under the auspices of Kleti Brda were filled with wines of such brands as Klet Brda, Ščurek, Edi Simčič, Dušan Kristančič, Pullus, Marof and Radgonske Gorice. Workers have already started preparing a new order, which will also include a diverse variety of wines from various Slovenian producers.

Neja Škrinjar from Kleti Brda commented, “The new consignment will be shipped to China in the next two days. Given the success of the sale, these deliveries will be carried out regularly in the future as well”.

The Kleti Brda representatives realize that the large and demanding Chinese market can be mastered only by common efforts. Offering Slovenian wines of superior quality from different regions of the country is intended to occupy a stable niche in the rapidly growing and changing Chinese market.

The Chinese Are Delighted with Red Wine

In China, the red wines of excellent quality and high price level are of especially great demand, but of course, the taste and the cost varies depending on the region. Top quality, understanding of the Chinese market principles and joining forces are the three key success factors in this demanding market.

Concerning the issue of long-term cooperation with China, it is important to build long-term relationships at all levels. In early July, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the PRC, Mr. Chen Xiaohua paid an official visit to Slovenia in order to create an adequate administrative structure of mutual transactions. His visit was preceded by the arrival of four Chinese distributors with important customers.

Such high-level visits indicate that the efforts of the Slovenian winemakers aimed at entering the Chinese market are not in vain and can make a positive contribution to the continued trend of the domestic wine sales growth in this market.