Ljubljana Enters the List of Seven Green Technologies to Shape Future Lifestyle

LJUBLJANA — The Virgin International website included Ljubljana into the list of seven green technologies, which will shape our future lifestyle. Such decision is based on the Urbana card—an eco-solution developed in Ljubljana to implement environmentally friendly transport. The European green capital 2016 takes the fourth place in the list of the most ecologically sustainable projects. The jury believes that the new city card, which is called Urbana, has significantly influenced the environmental situation in the city. It encourages local residents and tourists of the capital to leave their cars and start using buses or renting bicycles, as well as getting around on little Kavalirs (small electric-powered buses) in the centre of Ljubljana, which is reserved for pedestrians and cyclists. Besides, the Urbana card is one of the few environmental solutions included into the list of green technologies that is already in use, while other projects are still under development or testing.

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