Nearly One Million Tourists Annually Visits Pomurje

Tourism in Pomurje remains one of the main economy sectors. Almost a hundred travel agencies employ more than 1,000 Pomurje dwellers, while more than 1 million tourists visited the north-eastern Slovenia in 2016.

This year, a large network of local guides has been created in Pomurje to promote the region among travellers. A number of special measures acquaints visitors with the sights and attractions of the region lying along the Mur River.

As Barbara Kolenc from the Pomurje Tourist Union told in her interview with TV Slovenija, the representatives of the local guide network consider it important to share information about the places that reveal the real beauty of Pomurje.

The fictional tourist sites, for example the Adventure Park Vulkanija in Goričko (Vulkanija na Goričkem), which this year was attended by 25 thousand visitors, also influence the popularity of the region. “The guests are introduced to volcanoes, their structure and types, and while viewing 3D-films, they learn about the emergence of life on the Earth and the origin of the Universe,” Danijela Krpič noted.

The representatives of the Kelih society, conducting cooking workshops in Prlekija, note that persistence in the tourism sector is of paramount importance. One of the main tasks of the Society is to protect the recipe of “Prleška gibanica” — a layered pastry with poppy seeds, walnuts, apples, raisins, and cottage cheese filling. “We have combined the ingredients needed for cooking “Prleška gibanica”, and our next step is to specify the weight of these ingredients,” the president of the Society Tjaša Kos said.

Lendava Was Awarded in the Settlement of Mala Nedelja

Lendava has recently made the biggest step in the development of tourism in Pomurje, according to the commission, which presented awards for achievements in this area in Mala Nedelja.

The highest observation tower in the country is the third most visited tourist site in Slovenia. “I had no feeling of being too bold. We professionally approached the matter and knew what to strive for,” the mayor of Lendava Anton Balažek explains. The next goal for Lendava is to become the European Capital of Culture until 2025.