Slovenia and Croatia Implement Cross-Border Cooperation Projects

As part of the Interreg Slovenija-Hrvaška 2014–2020 programme, 38 projects are being implemented with the participation of 230 partners from both countries. The total budget for the programme is over 46 million euros. The funds are provided by the European Regional Development Foundation. The projects cover the following areas: protection and preservation of the environment and biological diversity, quality of life, regional policy, and sustainable resource management. Similar Slovenian-Croatian projects have been implemented since 2003 and have a significant impact on the quality of life of the population in the border regions.

Photo: Shutterstock/Aritra Ded

This information was announced during a meeting of the Minister for Development, Strategic Projects and Cohesion Dr Iztok Purič with his Croatian counterpart Gabrijela Žalac. The event took place in the Risnjak National Park (Croatia) on 3 June 2019. It was held within the framework of the event called Joint Efforts to Protect and Restore Biological Diversity. According to Iztok Purič, the Interreg Slovenija-Hrvaška 2014–2020 programme is one of the most successful cross-border cooperation projects at the European Union level. During the meeting, the parties agreed to continue cooperation for the financial period of 2021–2027.