The Government of Slovenia Intends to Approve Magna Int’l Investment Project by September 2017

LJUBLJANA – On Wednesday, 26 July, the Minister of Economy Zdravko Počivalšek announced that by September 2017, the Slovenian government would fulfill all necessary formalities in order to start the planned construction of the paint factory by the Canadian company Magna International. Thanks to the construction of the next infrastructure object under the patronage of one of the world’s largest carmakers, about 400 new jobs will appear in the country. This project will become the first phase of potential investment by Magna in Slovenia at the amount of 1.24 billion euros. Počivalšek also added that if the Magna investment plan was approved, the amount of direct foreign investment in Slovenia in 2017 may be equal to the same amount received in 2016, when the investment growth reached +11.2%. The financial assets by Magna will become one of the largest foreign investments in Slovenia. To date, about 70% of the cars and car components manufactured in Slovenia are exported, being one of the most significant export products.

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