Slovenia, recognised as a high-profile tourist destination by the Financial Times, the Guardian, and Conde Nast Traveller

Slovenia is becoming an increasingly well-known and high-profile tourist destination. It has been ranked among top countries to visit in 2021 by UK’s Financial Times, the Guardian, and the American Conde Nast Traveller.

© Neven Krcmarek from Unsplash

The prestigious magazine Conde Nast Traveller ranked Slovenia among the world’s top ten sustainable destinations to visit in 2021. Slovenia in the article written by sustainability editor Juliet Kinsman is described as a Central European country with incredible natural bounty, picturesque landscapes and numerous attractions.

Furthermore, Ljubljana is presented as a welcoming and walkable city and a destination for eco-minded city breaks. The landscape is described as dynamic and diverse, randing from Alpine peaks, ancinet forests, Karst plateaus, the Pannonian Plain’s vineyards and thermal waters, and Adriatic coast.