Slovenia’s average net salary in 2020 was EUR 1,208

During 2020 the average monthly wage in Slovenia reached EUR 1,856.20 gross or 1,208.65 net. The average gross wage in 2020 was higher both in the private sector and the public sector compared to the year before.

@ Marcel Strauß from Unsplash

In the government sector, the wage was up by 9.9% including here payout of extraordinary bonuses related to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Activity-wise, the wage was up the most in healthcare and social security for 17.7% while it was down the most in hospitality industry, for 3.8%.

The average gross wage was the highest in Central Slovenia, standing at EUR 2,057.92 or 10.9% above the Slovenian average. It was, meanwhile, the lowest in the Primorska-Notranjska statistical region (EUR 1,632.87).