A New Motor Road Bridge to Be Built at the Border Crossing Between Slovenia and Croatia

The governments of Slovenia and Croatia have agreed on the construction of a new motor road bridge across the Kamenica stream at the Božakovo – Obrež pri Metliki border crossing. The old bridge has been closed for all vehicles from April 2015.

Photo: Unsplash/Cupcake Media

The cost of construction works is estimated at 675 thousand euros. Each of the parties will provide half of the funds.

The development of the bridge construction project is in its final stage. The Mayor of Metliki Darko Zevnik expects the works to begin as early as 2020.

It should be added that a similar interstate project for the construction of a bridge is being implemented near the Dragonja River at the Dragonja – Kaštel border crossing.

Source: dnevnik.si