Forbes Includes a Slovenian Start-up to the Six Most Promising Start-ups in the Non-US Markets

The American media company Forbes has included the BlockBird start-up from Kranj to the six most promising start-ups that successfully operate in the non-US markets. Using the official website and the capabilities of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, the founders of BlockBird intend to completely change the way they track news. According to Slovenian start-up employees, the platform they are developing will allow users to quickly and efficiently view all the world news about cryptocurrencies in one place, as well as evaluate them. Thus, young Slovenian entrepreneurs, together with colleagues from Europe and Asia, are striving to make a revolution in many traditional industries with the help of new technologies.

Photo: pixabay/StockSnap

Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence enrich the experience with many functionalities, as the website learns and adapts by interacting with the user. Among other things, the website reminds users about important news, offers to read them, and also warns about possible false news.