Government Meal Subsidy for Students in 2017

In December 2016, the Slovenia’s Parliament adopted the Law “On Amending and Supplementing the Law on Enforcement of the Right for Public Funds.” The law has an important innovation for all persons belonging to the second and third categories of material security – the partial subsidy is changed into a full meal subsidy.

How a Student Can Receive a Government Meal Subsidy?

In most cases, to receive a government subsidy, there is no need to submit an application, because schools take into account the data of the existing Regulations on Child Allowances and Government Scholarships. A student must simply register for meal.

If your name is not included into the Regulations on Child Allowances or Government Scholarships, you must provide a local Centre for Social Work with a Unified Application for the Benefits from Public Funds.

The Size of the Government Subsidy from 1 January 2017

The size of the government subsidy intended for persons belonging to the three categories of material security depends on the document, according to which the subsidy is provided to a family member: whether it is a Child Allowance or a Government Scholarship. The government subsidy makes 100% of the cost of meals for persons belonging to the I, II and III categories of material security (up to 36% of the average monthly income per family member).

If a child is absent in school, the meal should be cancelled otherwise it will be charged in full.

Validity of Government Meal Subsidies

Government meal subsidy is valid for the entire academic year. This means that a student, whose data is included into the current Regulations for Child Allowance or Government Scholarships and who was registered for meals before the start of the academic year, is eligible for a subsidy from the first day at school to the last one. If a child is registered for meals after the start of the academic year, the subsidy will be valid from the date of registration.

The subsidy shall be provided from the day when a student receives the right to a child allowance or a government scholarship. Since the application for a child allowance and/or a government scholarship shall be submitted in August and the decision shall enter into force in September, the already paid meals shall be recalculated retroactively.

If a family does not (will not) have the right to a child allowance or a government scholarship, the meal subsidy becomes valid from the date of filing the application to the local Centre for Social Work. During the period from the date of filing the application until the date of taking the decision on the allocation of subsidies, the Centre shall properly recalculate and take into consideration all paid meals.