Jožef Stefan Institute Researchers Develop Smartwatch to Help the Elderly

The Jožef Stefan Institute reports that the IN LIFE smartwatches developed using the latest technology make it possible for elderly people to live a productive life.

The new watches have 10 manual functions, including an automatic call in case of a user’s fall, an emergency call button and a built-in tracking device in case of danger, and it can give the user reminders. The watches are designed to provide users with maximum comfort and safety.

The IN LIFE project allows elderly people to be in close contact with their relatives or caregivers, and helps in care provision. During the presentation at the Fužine senior centre, Matjaž Gams, the Head of the Intelligent System Department of the Jožef Stefan Institute, notes that the system is suitable for elderly people who are living at home, in shelters or senior nursing centres.

He adds that the watches have simple functions, do not require special knowledge, and one of the most important features is the possibility to record damage and injuries. In the event of a fall or another accident, the watch automatically sends an alarm signal to relatives or to a call centre, which is operated by a project partner—the Doktor24 Company.

According to the staff of the Jožef Stefan Institute, the smartwatch was developed as a response to the growing number of elderly people unable to live independently due to advanced age or illnesses.

The IN LIFE smartwatch was developed as part of an international project also called IN LIFE, which is being implemented under the auspices of the European research program Horizon 2020. This program aims to develop technologies and services that will extend independent living for elderly people.

Scientists from the Intelligent System Department of the Jožef Stefan Institute were ranked first at the international EvAAL Activity Recognition Competition.