Great Construction Project

The project “Great Construction”, a major overhaul of Ukraine’s infrastructure, began on March 1, 2020 at the initiative of the President of Ukraine. The project is expected to build more than 100 schools, 100 kindergartens, 100 stadiums and 200 new reception units in hospitals this year, and create 150,000 new jobs. In addition, a key element of the program is the construction of 4,000 km of roads, which should be completed by the end of this year.

Photo: pixabay/Engin_Akyurt

The project is financed from the budget, funds from the state fund for regional development and local budgets. The government intends to contribute to this project 100 billion UAH (3 billion EUR). In addition, they are expected to attract investments of 75 billion UAH. This amount is to be received by raising funds coming into the Road fund.

The map of all construction objects

Public contracts for the execution of construction works, public procurement notices, information on projects, invitations to tender, quotation requests etc are published in the following sources:

  1. in the electronic public procurement system Prozorro
  2. and on the official online procurement platform online.

Guidelines for suppliers wishing to participate in public procurement procedures