Slovakia Develops a New Test for Distinguishing Between Usual Flu and Coronavirus

According to the scientists, it is vitally important to draw the line between ordinary flu and coronavirus. These are two completely different diseases. Slovakia is currently awaiting for the approval of a new test that will help health professionals make the right diagnosis.

Photo: pixabay/PublicDomainPictures

As the representatives of the MultiplexDX Company in Slovakia state, “The fight against the second coronavirus wave may be complicated by the start of the flu season.” The company is currently developing the test that will assist in distinguishing between flue and COVID-2019.

Besides, it should be noted that MultiplexDX is not the only company in Slovakia developing similar tests. It has also being developed by the Biomedical Research Centre of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (BMC SAV) in collaboration with the Public Health Authority. This project is supported by the Slovak Research and Development Agency managed by the Ministry of Education.

The above-mentioned test is still waiting for clinical validation.