GZS proposes solutions to help companies in crisis hit by second lockdown

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GZS) says that the economy will need additional aid to help companies and individuals hit by the crisis in Slovenia’s second lockdown. The chamber came up with 11 proposals, among them a two-year freeze of the minimum wage.

Photo: Unsplash/Giu Vicente

The GZS proposes that the next anti-crisis legislative package institute a two-year postponement of the minimum wage act, which is to become effective on 1 January. The chamber also wants changes to the existing loan guarantee scheme, including higher loan caps and simpler application procedures for loans of up to EUR 1 million, among other things.

The GZS would also like to see subsidies to cover fixed expenses of companies hit by the crisis. The covering of expenses should be proportionate to the drop in revenue – companies whose revenue dropped by more than 80% should be eligible to 80% coverage.

Read here, for all proposals made by GZS.