InterContinental Hotel in Ljubljana Opens on 15 August

On 15 August, the InterContinental Hotel (Bavarski Dvor microdistrict), will open in Ljubljana. The Serbian company Delta Holding manages the construction of the hotel. One night in the five-star hotel will cost 180–350 euros.

These days, the work is humming at the construction site of the InterContinental Hotel in the Bavarski Dvor microdistrict. The five-star hotel in Ljubljana should be launched on 15 August. Therefore, more than 300 workers are busy in two shifts daily. They are engaged in completing interiors of rooms, corridors, restaurant and other premises.

However, one room in the hotel is already completely finished and looks ready to receive the first guests. The manager of the InterContinental Hotel Miloš Cerović explains that this room serves as a good example of how the hotel’s premises will look in life. In total, according to Cerović, the hotel will have 165 rooms, including 15 suits. The most luxurious room will be the presidential suite. The suite will have an area of 155 m2. It will be equipped with its own kitchen, sauna and fireplace.

Miloš Cerović notes that the German company Wright Associates has developed the design of the hotel interior. He stresses that the designers used local artistic patterns in decorating the interior. Thus, windows of the rooms depict the floral elements that once were present on embroidered napkins. The curves of the carpet patterns resemble the current route of the Ljubljanica River along the city. In addition, paintings by local artists will be exhibited in all rooms of the hotel.

The InterContinental Hotel will give permanent work to 120 employees. The hotel started recruiting staff in advance. By now, about 80% of vacancies have been already closed. Miloš Cerović notes that it will take 6 weeks for qualification testing and training of new staff. Therefore, all employees will meet together in the beginning of July.

The height of the InterContinental Hotel in Ljubljana is 83 meters, which makes it the second tallest building in Ljubljana and throughout Slovenia. The 20th floor of the hotel will have a restaurant and a bar with a terrace, from where its visitors will rejoice at picturesque panoramas of the Slovenian capital and its surroundings. The same views can also be enjoyed from the rooms located on this floor.

Given that recently the Mayor of Ljubljana Zoran Janković has hinted at the possibility of building a hotel on the opposite side of the Slovenska Road by the Zlatarna Celje Company, journalists are interested in whether the manager of the city’s only five-star hotel is concerned about this fact. “We do not have information about what will be built on the opposite side of the Slovenska Road. However, we welcome any competition, because it will help all hotels to improve the quality of their services and to ensure that Ljubljana will become one of the main attractions of Europe,” Miloš Cerović assures.

The cost of living in the InterContinental Ljubljana Hotel, according to Miloš Cerović, will vary with season, method of booking and number of nights. The hotel’s official website has already published room prices that range from 180 to 350 euros per night.