Slovakia’s InoBat signs deal with Manz in boost for CEE’s electric car push

Slovakian electric car battery maker InoBat has announced a strategic partnership with Manz, one of Europe’s leading hi-tech equipment manufacturing firms.

Photo: Unsplash/Science in HD

Manz will supply production equipment and install a world-first 100MWh artificial intelligence battery centre and production line in Slovakia, close to the heart of one of Europe’s key automotive manufacturing regions.

The partnership with publicly-traded Manz will ensure and accelerate the manufacturing and construction of a 100 million-euro research and development centre and production line, due to begin later this year, with production of the first Li-ion pouch battery cells set to start in 2021. The research and development centre and production line will be followed by a 10GWh gigafactory in 2024, which will serve the European electric vehicle market with innovative and optimised batteries at scale.

InoBat develops intelligent batteries customised to the specifications of the developing electric vehicle sector in the automotive, aviation, and other industries through the use artificial intelligence and a high throughput platform (HTP).

The key advantage of the mix of AI and HTP is that it allows InoBat to carry out research and development to efficiently optimise battery requirements at small scale. These optimisations can then be quickly replicated on a larger scale and this way the company can create solutions to fit a manufacturer’s specification rather than relying on a catalogue approach.