Slovenes Develop a Device and a Mobile Application to Prevent Motorcycle Thefts

The Ljubljana Movalyse Start-up has invented a device and a mobile application aimed at preventing motorcycle thefts at night. With their help, motorcyclists can always and everywhere be able to check the location and condition of their vehicles. The convenient invention to ensure the safety of motorcycles was called Vigo. It is a new product not only in Slovenian but also in the European market.

Photo: Unsplash/Patrick Tomasso

The development of Vigo took two years and the first users bought it in the second half of April 2019. As a rule, the device is placed under the seat so that it is relatively difficult to be removed. If thieves want to steal a motorcycle, its owner will receive a notification through a mobile application that is connected to the device. The notification indicates that the motorcycle is moving or something happens to it. In 90% of cases, the owner of a motorcycle is nearby and is in time to take prompt action. If he is far from his motorcycle, then using the application, he can quickly report a possible theft to the police. The Vigo mobile application is of great help to lovers of trips to remote or deserted places. In the event of a possible accident, you can promptly report the accident and call for help.

The young Movalyse team, consisting of motorcycle enthusiasts, is convinced that the motorcycle theft is always very painfully perceived by its owner because the motorcycle is not only a means of transportation but also a hobby, lifestyle. According to the co-founder and operational director of the Ljubljana start-up, Rok Upel, he happened to face the problem personally. Two years ago a motorcycle was stolen from his garage. This event, as well as the fact that 75% of the stolen motorcycles are no longer returned to their owners, prompted Slovenian developers to search for an effective solution to this problem. Investors who provided financial support for the innovation were the Slovenian Entrepreneurship Support Fund and STH Management. The amount of investment made over 600 thousand euros.