Slovenia at the National Geographic World Legacy Awards

In August this year, the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) nominated Slovenia for obtaining the World Legacy Awards presented by the National Geographic channel.

Slovenia claims the National Geographic Channel Award in the category of Destination Leadership, in which the jury estimates the environmental regulations, the environmental solutions, and the level of environment and cultural heritage protection. After successful evaluation, Slovenia is among the three countries-finalists. The procedure of estimation involved a 4-day monitoring of the country’s territory.

The National Geographic presents the World Legacy Awards in five different categories: Earth Changers, Sense of Place, Conserving the Natural World, Engaging Communities and Destination Leadership.

After Slovenia has reached the finals, the Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) Maja Pak notes that Slovenia considers the sustainable tourism development as the only true way for the country’s further development. The loyalty to the principle of sustainable development is reflected in all promotional and informational activities held by STB, “Due to the development and successful implementation of the Slovenian green tourism scheme ‘SLOVENIA GREEN’, the authorities managed to strengthen the marketing capabilities of the Slovenian tourism and accelerate the development of eco-tourism. All this improves the reputation and market status of Slovenia as an eco-friendly tourist destination.”

Winning countries will be announced in March 2017 at the largest international tourism trade fair ‘ITB Berlin’, with which Slovenia cooperates in the status of a Convention & Culture Partner.