Slovenia Offers the Best Level of Services in the Western Balkans Region

Slovenia took first place in the competition of six Western Balkans countries according to the GUEST study, which compared the quality of servicing, hospitality and understanding of goods and services offered by sellers to customers. The name of the study comes from the abbreviation of the English word “guest” – “greet, understand, explain, suggest, and thank.”

Photo: Unsplash/PhotoMIX-Company

The study of the quality of services in the region has been carried out for the eleventh time in a row by the Zagreb mystery shopping agency Heraklea in collaboration with regional agencies. It was held as part of various actions at 800 retail outlets in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, and Serbia in June 2019. To find out, which country provides the highest quality services, the agency sent mistery buyers to car dealerships, telecommunication service providers, banks, supermarkets, catering establishments, travel agencies, gas stations, as well as other service providers. Representatives of the agency evaluated the work of organisations according to various criteria such as greeting customers, understanding customer needs and desires, explaining features and benefits, suggesting additional products, and thanking customers.

According to the results of the study, the best indicator was recorded in Slovenia with 83.4%, which is almost 8% more than in 2018. At the same time, it replaced Macedonia from the first place, which received 83.1% and improved its last year’s result by 4.1%. The study shows that Slovenia is the leader in the categories of Explaining Features and Benefits and Thanking Customers, while Macedonia is first in the categories of Greeting Customers, Understanding Customer Needs and Desires, and Suggesting Additional Products. Croatia is in third place with 75.1%, which is 2% more than in 2018. The result of Serbia is 70.5%, Bosnia and Herzegovina – 70%, Montenegro – 55.1%.

The highest scores were obtained by these countries in the Explaining Features and Benefits category, while the lowest scores were received in the Suggesting Additional Products category. According to the study, the highest level of services was recorded in car dealerships, and the lowest – in supermarkets.