Slovenian Producers Take Part in the National Trade Fair for Meat Products in Croatia

On 12 and 13 April 2019, the 14th National Trade Fair for Prosciutto and Sustainable Dry Cured Meat Products with International Participation took place in the Sinj Castle (Croatia). This event promotes the traditional method of dry cured meat production in combination with new standards.

Photo: © Freepik/@freepik.diller

Manufacturers, organizations, and experts traditionally participate in the fair. The participants of the fair included producers of Slavonian ham, employees of the regional meat industry, the Association of Producers, private entrepreneurs, producers of Istrian ham, representatives of the Association of Pig Breeders, local farms, leading retail chains, hotels, and catering enterprises.

About 70 exhibitors from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Italy took part in this fair. Slovenian and Croatian producers presented their products including prosciutto, dry cured meat, cheese, wine, and olive oil. The event was attended by several thousand people.