Slovenia to Receive about 45 Million Euros for Environmental Projects from the European Commission

In February 2019, the European Commission confirmed the decision to allocate 44.3 million euros for Slovenia under the LIFE environmental and climate protection programme, including 27.3 million euros for projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Photo: © Freepik/@freepik.diller

The European Commission announced the provision of a total of 116.1 million euros for 12 major environmental and climate projects in 10 EU countries. The funds from this programme in combination with other sources will total to 3.2 billion euros as supplementary support for projects aimed at the transition of Europe to a low-carbon economy. In matters of implementation of these programmes, Slovenia intends to cooperate with the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Portugal.
It should be noted that the LIFE programme is already in progress in Slovenia. Additional funds are aimed at ensuring its long-term implementation and attract more interested parties. According to the Slovenian authorities, first of all, we are talking about the construction of new, more environmentally friendly, infrastructure elements, the development of traffic, the control of CO2 emissions and the improvement of the energy efficiency of buildings.