The Best Foreign Investors in Slovenia

On Tuesday, 26 November 2019, the best foreign investors were awarded during the evening gala ceremony in Brdo pri Kranju. The FDI Award Slovenia 2019 were presented to three companies: Iskraemeco, d.d. in the category of Large Companies; Systemair d.o.o. in the category of Long-Term Presence in the Region; and Swarco Lea d.o.o. in the category of Smart Product and Service Developments. With these awards, the Slovenian government emphasises the outstanding contribution of foreign investors to the country’s business environment. Foreign investors are key players in creating both jobs and added value, as well as in research, development, new technologies, regional and international projects.

Photo: pixabay/nattanan23

In 2018, Iskraemeco, d.d. net sales revenue reached 126 million euros, which is 19% more than in 2017, and net profit was 8.8 million euros. In 2018, the company employed 732 people. The added value per employee exceeded 48 thousand euros. Iskraemeco, d. d., which sells its products worldwide, has the B1++ credit rating and fulfilled tax obligations. The company implements the principles of sustainable development in the production and supply of smart metres striving to ensure longer periods of their operation and maximize the benefits that they bring, as well as to ensure the return and restoration of materials and products at the end of their service life. The company’s business processes are designed to minimise the environmental impact of the metres in terms of waste and air emissions.

Systemair d.o.o. is part of the Swedish Systemair AB Group located in Skinnskatteberg, which is one of the leading companies in ventilation technology with 50 offices around the world. The Slovenian company takes pride in over 35 years of tradition in the design and manufacture of fans. Systemair d. o. o. manufactures high-quality fans to remove smoke and heat as well as to neutralise explosive atmospheres. In 2016, Systemair d. o. o. began to design and manufacture modular air conditioners. As of December 2018, the company employed 111 people. In 2018, net sales revenue was 19.7 million euros, net profit was almost 1.4 million euros, and value added per employee was 54 thousand euros. The company has the A1++ credit rating and extinguished tax liabilities.

Swarco Lea d.o.o. is part of the Swarco Group based in Wattens, Austria employing over 3,700 people from 25 countries Its products and solutions serve customers in 70 countries. Swarco Lea specialises in the design and manufacture of LED displays for transportation systems. In 2006, the Lea Lece Company was recognised as the fastest growing company in the Gorenjska region. Two years later, the company became a 100% member of the Austrian Swarco Group, within which it became one of the fastest growing and most successful enterprises. In 2018, the company’s total revenue amounted to 7.7 million euros and net profit was almost 1.1 million euros. In 2018, the company had 31 full-time employees, and the added value per employee amounted to just over 75 thousand euros. Swarco Lea d.o.o. has extinguished tax liabilities and the A1++ credit rating.