The Board of Directors of the European Investment Bank Approves a Loan of 250 Million Euros to Slovenia

In mid-May, the Board of Directors of the European Investment Bank approved a loan of 250 million euros to Slovenia for the construction of a second railway line between Divača station and the Port of Koper. This fact is a significant step towards the completion of the financial project plan estimated at 1.2 billion euros.

Photo: © Freepik/Zerbor

To approve financing, the EIB insisted on a state loan guarantee, which will be received by 2TDK registered in Slovenia for the purpose of building and managing a new railway segment.

The Minister of Infrastructure Alenka Bratušek said earlier that the state guarantee should not be a problem, since the corresponding bill was ready. It should enter into force before the signing of the loan agreement, which is expected by the end of the year.

“We were in a hurry with the loan in order to complete the financial project plan and not set 190 million euros from the EU at the stake,” Bratušek said.

“Thanks to the grants allocated by the European Commission in the amount of 190 million euros, the project can be launched,” said Violetta Bulz, the European Commissioner for Transport, in her recent written statement.

As the EIB representative noted, it was previously expected that the EIB Board of Directors would discuss the issue of granting a loan to Slovenia in early April 2019, but the discussion was postponed due to the long Brexit debate.