The Slovenian Company Marmor Hotavlje Will Manufacture Office Desks for the Apple

The Marmor Hotavlje Company specializes in the production of luxurious private yachts and furniture. 80% of their products are for export.

The Marmor Hotavlje workshops are currently busy with a rapid manufacture of the white marble office desks from the highest price category. 1,000 units will be soon delivered to the Silicon Valley. The office desks from the Slovenian manufacturer will serve as a decoration for a new technology centre of the well-known American Apple Company.

The Apple’s choice of the Slovenian company is not accidental. “Marmor Hotavlje is one of the few stone-processing companies in the world that offers services for stone engineering. This means that a customer can provide us with an idea, and then our qualified technicians will find the best means to turn this idea into a reality. Before starting any project into production, it goes a long way of technical development. Each project involves a team of 7–10 people. Then we manufacture the product, protect the property rights and serve it,” Helena Selak from the Sales Department of the Marmor Hotavlje Company said.
The representatives of the Slovenian company note that the work on the Apple project has started since the beginning of this summer. The Company received an order through its US customer, which is engaged in designing office spaces.