Slovenian Milk for Chinese Buyers

The Ljubljanske Mlekarne Company is preparing to deliver the second batch of its products to China, which is 21 thousand litres of milk. The first batch (10 thousand litres) was successfully shipped to China more than a month ago.

Besides the Ljubljanske Mlekarne Company, the official permission to export dairy products to China is also available for the Mlekarna Celeia, the Pomurske Mlekarne and the Mlekarna Planika. The highest chance to start working in the Chinese direction in the near future belongs to the Pomurske Mlekarne Company, which has already entered the negotiations on the supply issues. The start of deliveries is planned for 2017.

The representatives of the Mlekarna Celeia Company state that they have not yet started producing the dairy products with a long shelf life, which would meet the requirements of the Chinese consumer market. Therefore, the Company will consider the Chinese market only in the case of new investments in the production.

The Mlekarna Planika leaders rely on the European market, while the trade relations with China can become potential for the Slovenian dairy company in the event of possible overproduction.

The European Market Is Oversaturated

Slovenia and China have signed the protocol of veterinary requirements, which opened the way to the Slovenian export of dairy products to China. Opening the Chinese direction provides the Slovenian producers with the new opportunities due to the oversaturation of the European market.

Experts predict that the demand for milk will grow significantly in the future. Therefore, some specialists already call it a “white gold” of the future.