Prospects of the Slovenian and Chinese Cooperation

At the Agricultural Fair in Kunming, the Minister of Agriculture of Slovenia Dejan Židan said that the Trade and Economic Forum 2017 would be held in Slovenia. At the opening of the 14th International Agricultural Trade Fair—CAFT, Dejan Židan, in particular, focused attention on the knowledge and experience possessed by Slovenia in the field of beekeeping.

Slovenia’s candidacy to host the Trade and Economic Forum 2017 was supported by Poland and Bulgaria. The Chinese side has also demonstrated a significant interest. The final decision is expected to be made next month.

China sees no rival in the Slovenian food industry. “The Chinese are interested in organic products, which are potentially branded and bring a certain profit. We must continue economic cooperation and increase the agricultural products turnover. In the first half of this year, the Slovenian and Chinese cooperation in the field of hop growing increased by 60% as compared to 2015. The winemakers also forecast a certain growth in the exchange of goods in the current year. Moreover, the first orders of dairy products have been already delivered to China,” Dejan Židan said.

The Chinese Eliminate Bureaucratic Obstacles

In his speech, the China’s Minister of Agriculture Han Changfu drew attention to the new developments in the field of improving agricultural sustainability. “The Fair is a real festival for producers and buyers. It will show the trends of agricultural development in all participating countries ,” he said.

China is doing everything to eliminate bureaucratic obstacles for new investments and trade with Europe. According to Han, in recent years, the trade between China and the countries of the Central and Eastern Europe has grown by 1.5 times. “We must also take into account the innovations that will help to support education for the modernization of agricultural production,” Han Changfu said.