These are the professions most in demand in Slovenia

A survey by the Employment Service suggests demand will exceed labour market supply in many professions. The Occupations barometer survey, which includes assessments for 177 professions, suggests demand will be in healthcare, construction, transport, hospitality, and information technology.

Photo: Unsplash/Scott Blake

There is however also a number of groups where supply could be excessive, including biologists, botanists, zoologists, journalists, sociologists, anthropologists, cashiers, business secretaries, window dressers, menial workers, legal experts, agriculture, forestry and fishing experts, philosophers, historians, political scientists, translators, interpreters, language assistants and other linguists, secretaries, photographers, shop assistants, telemarketers, graphic and multimedia designers and tourism and travel agency employees.

The Employment Service highlighted shop assistants as the group whose prospects have deteriorated the most, having moved from the excessive demand to the excessive supply list.