UNILAD recommends Slovenia as one of top 5 destinations to visit in 2021

UNILAD creators have launched a video series of top places to visit in 2021 and Slovenia is in the top 5 destinations.

@ Arnaud STECKLE from Unsplash

The 4-minute video explains about how Slovenia is overshadowed by its neighbouring countries and goes on listing several reasons for the visit, highlighting that Slovenia really “has it all”: snow-capped mountains, green emerald lakes and even a coastline.

The video also pinpoints the best-known places in Slovenia, including Bled, Postojna Cave with the Predjama Castle and the capital of Ljubljana, and goes on highlighting country’s main assets: sustainability, gastronomy and last but not least, its pocket size.

UNILAD is a major youth platform for breaking news and relatable viral content. Acquired by LADbible Group in late 2018, it now forms part of the world’s biggest social publishing company with over 120 million followers.

Source: the-slovenia.com