Austrian Company Agromib Buys Wine Cellars in Vipava

The Austrian company Agromib won the auction on Vipava company Agroind, which owns local wine cellars. The transaction amounted to 2.4 million euros. New owners promised to retain the entire staff (20 employees) and develop the company. They plan to expand the staff, improve the Vipava vineyards and prepare for buying out the current grape harvest.


Agromib was founded a month ago by the winemakers of the Austrian Styria, who own 2,400 hectares of vineyards in several family farms in the Gomilica village and its surroundings.

Immediately after the end of the first open auction, the new Agroind owners Hannes Sabath and Michael Blaschitz said that the purchase amount would be paid within a few days. They have already performed a detailed audit of Agroind and its business ties.

The new Austrian owners will retain the Agroind trademark. Hannes Sabath plans to make new investments, “First of all, we will invest in viticulture in Vipava and hire new employees. Now our main concern is the forthcoming harvesting. Only in the vicinity of Gomilica, we manage 2,400 hectares of vineyards, cooperate with several family farms and perfectly understand how difficult it is to gather a rich crop in terms of both logistics and finances. However, we are ready for this.”