Psychologists, IT Specialists, Engineers, Medical Staff Are Needed: The Employment Service Publishes the Results of the Professional Barometer 2019 Study

As part of the Professional Barometer 2019 study, the Slovenian Employment Service has analysed the supply and demand for 177 professions for the next year. The study covered all 12 territorial branches of the Employment Service with the participation of 82 full-time consultants and 10 freelance specialists from recruiting agencies and the Student Service. The study was conducted under support of the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Policy and Equal Opportunities as well as the European Social Fund.

Photo: pixabay/geralt

After analysis of 110 (60%) professions, it has been found that the demand of employers for working staff will exceed the supply. Talking about other 53 professions, the current dynamics of employment will remain unchanged. The opposite situation will be observed in 14 professions with fewer vacancies than job seekers.

The professions characterised by staff shortage include auditors, military officers, security guards, psychologists, IT specialists, engineers, medical personnel, lawyers, HR managers, drivers, glaziers, insurance agents, roofers, logisticians, and cooks. For comparison, an overabundance of personnel is forecasted in such professions as architects, bank employees, business secretaries, designers, journalists, composers, translators, and photographers.

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