Slovak Forbes Announces Richest Slovak – Sees a Rise in People from IT

The cumulative worth of the 32 richest Slovaks is estimated at nearly €12 billion.

Photo: Unsplash/Doran Erickson

Developer and owner of the HB Reavis group Ivan Chrenko is the richest Slovak.

He tops this year’s ranking of the 32 richest Slovaks. The ranking is published by the Slovak edition of the Forbes magazine.

Chrenko, now worth €1.65 billion according to Forbes, also topped the ranking last year. He is followed by Jaroslav Haščák, a partner at Penta financial group, who increased his wealth from €960 million last year to €1.07 billion in 2020.

The biggest co-owner of the Eset antivirus software company Miroslav Trnka ranks third and he is estimated to be worth €700 million.

The magazine reports that the richest Slovaks have had diverse experiences in the past year. While the top two have increased their wealth, others have dropped from the top five, like Tomáš Chrenek from Moravia Steel and Minerfin and Milan Fiľo from the Mondi SCP company, being replaced by people from the IT business, mainly Peter Paško and Rudolf Hrubý, both from Eset, who ranked fourth and fifth respectively.