Slovenia Leads Among the Countries of Southeast Europe in the Forbes’ Best Countries for Business Report

Slovenia is the leader in Southeastern Europe (SEE) in the Forbes list of the The Best Countries for Business dated December 2018. Among the 161 countries included in the ranking, Slovenia ranked 31st, according to the Forbes website. It should be noted that Romania takes the second place among the countries of the region and the 41st place in the ranking.

Photo: © Flickr/Marco Verch

The growth of the Slovenian economy reached 5% in 2017 and it is expected that by the end of 2018, it will repeat the same indicator. At the same time, Forbes notes that the continuation of fiscal consolidation by increasing the collection of taxes and social security contributions is likely to lead to a balanced state budget in 2019.

Besides, the ranking includes Bulgaria occupying the 46th place, Croatia – 52nd, Serbia – 56th, Macedonia – 68th, Montenegro – 72nd, and Albania – 74th. The 87th place is occupied by Moldova, 98th –by Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is the last among the countries of Southeast Europe. The ranking is headed by the United Kingdom, which, despite Brexit, remains attractive in terms of the business climate, as Forbes writes.