Two Skyscrapers under Construction in Ljubljana

Spektra Invest owned by the entrepreneur Ize Rastoder is building two skyscrapers for 220 comfort-class apartments, each about 85 metres in height, in the Šiška District of the Slovenia’s capital. Residential and commercial objects are planned to be commissioned before the end of 2020. The work budget is 40 million euros.

Photo: jzielcke on Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-ND

Construction work is being carried out at the intersection of Celovška cesta and Rakuševa ulica, near the residential complex Celovški dvori and near the new Spar shopping centre.

The project provides for the construction of a duplex – two high-rise objects – on the first floors of which there will be trading and commercial premises. The project also involves 4 underground floors for parking. According to the Delo newspaper, citing sources in Spektra Invest, prices for apartments in the skyscrapers will not exceed the average values in the city’s secondary market and amount to about 3,000 euros per 1 m².

It should be noted that the Rastoder Group, which includes Spektra Invest, has in its portfolio several properties in Ljubljana – the Stožice project, the residential and commercial complex of Spektra in the Zgornja Šiška microdistrict, the reconstruction and construction project of the famous Bellevue Hotel in Tivoli, and the project for construction of a multifunctional business complex in the BTC shopping centre. Besides, Delo reports that the Rastoder Group is also developing several new construction projects.