Slovenian record holder on Kickstarter

If you were told that bird feeders could be an impactful business, you would probably just laugh. Slovenian entrepreneurs have proven just the opposite, the smart bird feeder Bird Buddy became the new record holder on Kickstarter in just a few days.

© Boris Smokrovic from Unsplash

Kickstarter, an online platform for collecting donations for projects of young entrepreneurs and artists, this time also helped Slovenian entrepreneurs. Bird Buddy bird feeder has raised the amount needed to launch the product, which costs $ 129.

With this, Bird Feeder also became a record holder, as the company collected the pledged 50 thousand euros in just 20 minutes from the registration, and in less than a week the amount increased to 711 thousand euros.

What is Bird Buddy anyway? Bird Buddy is a bird feeder that consists of a space for food and all the necessary technologies, including a mobile application, with which you can collect various photos of birds that the technology recognizes and equips with the name of the species.