Statistics Service: The Attractiveness of Slovenia for Foreign Professionals Keeps Growing

Slovenia is becoming more and more attractive for foreign workers, who currently make up one tenth of the country’s working-age population. According to the latest data of the Statistics Service (October 2018), this figure includes approximately 885,700 people, 87,700 of which are foreigners. The majority of foreign workers are citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina (over 42,600 people), Serbia (just under 10,800 people), Croatia (just under 7,500 people), Kosovo (just over 7,100 people), and Macedonia (just over 6,000 people).

According to the data published by the Employment Service, in 2018, the share of foreign workers among the working-age population of the country increased by 19.2%. The industries with the largest share of employed foreign citizens comprise Construction (just under 23,400 people), Manufacturing (just over 20,300 people), as well as Transportation and Logistics (just over 14,800 people). According to experts, the share of the working population is increasing month by month, which indicates a favourable economic situation in the country.

According to the Employment Service data, as of November 2018, Serbia leads in the number of applications for a unified residence and work permit – about 9,000 applications. It is followed by Kosovo (about 4,600 applications), Macedonia (about 2,100 applications), Bosnia and Herzegovina (about 1,000 applications), Russia (about 600 applications) and Ukraine (about 500 applications). In total, from January to November 2018, 19,148 unified residence and work permits were issued to citizens of 70 countries.