The First Legal Mega-package to Combat the Effects of Coronavirus Pandemic Is Coming

The Government of the Republic of Slovenia has presented the first package of legal measures #protiKoronapaket# (PKP1) to mitigate the effects of the infection with the new Covid-19 coronavirus, which should enable the economy and state structures to support business and escape from the crisis, while preserving the social security level of all groups of citizens.

Photo: pixabay/Efraimstochter

The first envisaged mega-package involves measures to combat the pandemic and all its various consequences for individuals, economic organizations and state structures. The measures will be aimed at full-time workers, employers, pensioners, self-employed, companies, scientific research projects on epidemic combat, farmers, fishermen, etc.

Following the recent announcement about the pay rise for ministers and secretaries of state, the Government has now taken a step back, proposing a 30% reduction in all official salaries at the national level for the duration of the epidemic. On the other hand, the Government will reward those who perform important job functions these days despite the increased risk to personal health.

The Government received many initiatives from various economic operators, trade unions, associations, educational institutions, experts-individuals and scientific-research institutions. A considerable proportion of said proposals was to be forwarded by a special crisis advisory group. The financial value of the package is estimated at around 2 billion euros, which is why it is by far the largest economic intervention of the country in the history of independent Slovenia.

The package of new regulations is set to increase the limits on public procurement (for goods and services to EUR 40,000 and for construction works to EUR 80,000). Municipalities will be able to carry out public procurement independently. Particular attention is given to the smooth supply and production of food. The Government of the Republic of Slovenia and all ministries renewed the call to help the Slovenian economy with the purchase of Slovenian products.

The state also guarantees that commercial banks will be encouraged to cooperate in eliminating the negative consequences in the economy and in repaying loans. The money is expected to be sufficient for all, since the Republic of Slovenia has been operating surpluses for a long time, additional EU funds are available and will continue to be available, and the Fiscal Council has allowed the Government of the Republic of Slovenia to exceed the fiscal rule due to emergency.